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Intense Hues Collections

Create a bold statement with our limited edition LashSense® and LipSense® Intense Hues Collections! The shades perfectly coordinate to create vibrant jewel-toned looks. 

New! Deep Cobalt LashSense VolumeIntense™ Mascara : A rich, dark blue that is very wearable.
New! Regal Plum LashSense VolumeIntense Mascara: An earthy, deep plum that adds a fun purple tint to lashes. 
New! Jewel Jade LashSense VolumeIntense Mascara: A deep teal-aqua that instantly brightens up the eyes.
Each Intense Hues mascara is available in the popular humidity-resistant formula.

Midnight Muse LipSense: A true, matte navy blue. 
New! Majestic Purple LipSense: A rich, royal purple with a matte finish. 
New! Ocean Gem LipSense: A matte, rich teal. 

Collection Options:  
Three collection versions are available for purchase.
Jewel Jade LashSense & Ocean Gem LipSense: For a vibrant teal look. 
Regal Plum LashSense & Majestic Purple LipSense: For a gorgeous purple look. 
Deep Cobalt LashSense & Midnight Muse LipSense: For a bold blue makeup look.

Oasis Collection

Introducing our NEW ShadowSense® Oasis Collection! 💙✨ A smoldering budge-proof, smudge-proof, limited edition ShadowSense collection featuring gorgeous iridescent finishes to create beautiful dimensions that change color depending on the angle. 🙌 Oasis Glitter and Dusk Shimmer ShadowSense are the perfect long-lasting shimmering shades to heat up your look all year round. 

💙 New Oasis Glitter ShadowSense- a smoky blue with violet and green glitter

✨ New Dusk Shimmer ShadowSense- a metallic rosy beige with subtle green and blue pearl

Order your ShadowSense today!

New MakeSense Foundation Shades!


❤️ Foundation Your Skin Will Love ❤️

• Complexion perfecting with a natural finish and medium to full coverage 
• Provides a mechanical shield 
• Oil-free and non-comedogenic  
• Anti-aging SenePlex® Complex and botanical ingredients
• Available in 16 shades with color match technology that adjusts to fit wide range of skin tones 

Featuring our lovely distributors Rosemarie Padua, Crystal Watson, Jessica Lee, and Jessica Kay Chernikova ❤️

*A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each MakeSense Original Foundation benefits the nonprofit, The Make Sense Foundation®.

Order your MakeSense Foundations here!

Limited Edition Girlfriend LipSense

SeneGence would like to introduce you to your newest Girlfriend! 💗

Our brand new Limited Edition LipSense shade, Girlfriend, wears as a sheer, neutral pink with a matte finish. Created by Independent Distributor, Erin Marenoski, this shade acts just like a best friend; you can count on it to complement your everyday look and give you a boost of confidence! 

Order Girlfriend LipSense here!