While it’s important to take care of your complexion, don’t forget to show your hands some love too, especially with extra handwashing! Here are some tips for keeping your hands moisturized and youthful-looking.

Keep hands hydrated

Apply hand cream after each time you wash your hands or apply it at least once day. Use SeneDerm® Hand Cream, which reactivates with water and rubbing throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated long after you apply it. It also contains nourishing ingredients that repair and soothe the skin, such as shea butter and cucumber extract.

Remove dead, dull skin

An excess amount of dead, dull skin can contribute to roughness. Exfoliation can restore your hands’ smoothness. Facial Resurfacer isn’t just for your face! Use it once a week (or as needed, depending on how dry your hands are) to keep them touchably soft.

Wear gloves

After applying SeneDerm Hand Cream, let your hands soak up all the goodness by putting on a pair of cotton or leather gloves. Do this once a week for an about an hour – or before bed – for supremely hydrated hands.

Make sure your water is lukewarm

When bathing, showering, or washing your hands, make sure your water is lukewarm, not hot. Hot water can make your skin even more dry and irritated. When washing dishes, wear a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands (and to keep your manicure looking perfect).

Use a humidifier

A humidifier can be a skin lifesaver! If you’re exposed to dry air, a humidifier can bring moisture back into the air, thus keeping your hands hydrated. Use one while you’re working in your home office or while you’re asleep.