They say that eyes are the windows to the soul – but they can also show signs of sleepless nights, aging, and reduced lash volume. Give your eyes some TLC with a few of our favorites to keep them looking refreshed, awake, and bright.


Say goodbye to expensive extensions by naturally and safely enhancing your lashes with this non-drug lash lengthener. You can choose between a clear treatment for twice-daily use, or black or brown treatment during the day for brilliantly lined eyes and long lashes in one easy step.


A must-have in your skin care routine, this rich, nourishing blend of oils and vitamins works to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. It also creates a silk-like coating that reduces drag while applying your favorite SeneGence® cosmetics.

Corrective Color Concealer

Notice a difference instantly! Applying Light, Medium, or Deep Concealer can counteract the blue tones in dark under eye circles. Remember to go only one-half to one shade lighter than the dark under eye area to avoid a raccoon effect. You can also opt for Terra Cotta BlushSense®, as it effectively covers dark under eye circles that are blue or purple in tone.

Achieve a refreshed, youthful-looking eye area with these products that you’re sure to love.