The SeneGence SeneDerm EyeCrème with SenePlex Complex represents some of the most advanced skin technology known today. Not only does its content contain our Anti-Aging SenePlex Complex, it also contains a variety of natural oils of varying molecular weights for maximum penetration. SeneDerm EyeCrème melts at skin temperature by forming a silk-like coating that reduces drag when applying additional eye makeup, such as shadows, and it fills in fine lines and wrinkles to eliminate shadowing in the lines and wrinkles, making the skin area appear smoother.

The Science Behind SeneDerm EyeCrème – The skin around the eyes is skin that moves the most on your body besides the skin around your lips. You’re constantly blinking; you naturally squint trying to see things, so there is constant movement. Looking at a cross section of skin you see the top layer and several other layers until you get to the bottom where cells are manufactured. These cells slowly move up to the top. It’s normally-depending on age-a twenty to twenty-eight day cycle for cells to grow from the bottom up to the top. Because skin is moving, that means the top layer moves at a faster rate than the bottom layer, where there is a sheering type action occurring.
The goal here is to increase lubricity at each one of these layers so that cells could move easily because they are lubricated (like constantly adding oil to a machine so that it does not wear out). In order to deliver a lubricant to one layer and then another layer beneath, the lubricant’s molecules must be different sizes to travel down to the lower layers; its sizes have to be relatively small. SeneDerm EyeCrème has an array of different types and molecular sizes of lubricants to reach the different layers. SeneDerm EyeCrème is not just for smoothness; it’s to improve the condition of skin around the eye because that’s where skin first becomes wrinkled due to the constant movement.