Fiesta LipSense Collection

Bring the celebration right to your home with the new, limited edition LipSense® Fiesta Collection! 🎊 Inspired by the beautiful colors reflected in Mexican landscapes and culture, this collection features two matte, bold lip colors and one sparkling gloss. With […]

Translucid Loose Powder & Brush

Once creamy shades of SenseCosmetics products have been applied, dust a finishing layer of SeneDerm Translucid Powder to give your face a matte finished, shine-free look. SeneDerm Translucid Loose Powders blot shine and absorb oil and perspiration. So light, it’s […]

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

SeneDerm Solutions Anti-Wrinkle Treatment SeneDerm Solutions with SenePlex Anti-Wrinkle Treatment contains a combination of ingredients shown to reduce light and medium wrinkle depth an average of 34% (up to 63% in some cases) after 4 weeks of treatment.One of the […]

Fiesta ShadowSense Collection

Get festive at home with the new, limited edition Fiesta ShadowSense® Collection! 🥳 These beautiful, earthy shades are inspired by the stunning colors reflected in Mexican landscapes and culture. With shimmering and matte textures, party-worthy looks are just a step away! 🥳 New! […]

Abundance by SeneGence Parfum

SeneGence International’s signature fragrances are unique blends of the finest quality parfum oils, masterfully mixed with anti-aging ingredients for gorgeous scent and skin care in one.Fragrance conjures powerful reactions and memories. The three Abundance Parfums were created with much more […]

Soft Metallics Gloss Duo

Your new, daily must-have glosses have arrived! 😍 The Soft Metallics Gloss Duo serves up chic looks, whether worn alone for a light pop of color or layered on top of your favorite LipSense® shade. This striking duo also makes the perfect […]

LipSmooth Conditioning Polish

LipSmooth™ Conditioning Polish helps lips that have been damaged by traditional lipsticks, dry conditions or dehydration feel renewed, re-moisturized, and conditioned. Formulated with natural exfoliators such as bamboo and ivory seed powder, it provides gentle, non-abrasive exfoliation. SenePlex+ Complex™ provides […]