We’re keeping it lit with new, limited edition LipSense and Gloss shades inspired by the warm glow of holiday lights. ✨ These golden hues will light up any lip look, and have you shining brighter than even the most festive decorations.
The collection includes:
😍 New! Limited Edition Heart of Gold LipSense: A beautiful pink shade packed with pink and gold glitter.
😍 New! Limited Edition Prosecco LipSense: A sheer, apricot-peach with a sparkling pink and gold glitter finish
😍 New! Limited Edition Gold Bar LipSense: A sheer, true metallic gold color that is ideal for layering over other LipSense shades for a stunning gold finish.
😍 New! Limited Edition Golden Pearl Gloss: A soft, glowing champagne gloss with a pearly beige finish.
😍 FREE! Ooops! Remover: A non-drying remover to eliminate LipSense mistakes. Sold individually and as a collection. Order here!