Tips on applying Glitter ShadowSense

Because ShadowSense Glitter shades contain larger glitter and shimmer particles, a little extra care may be needed in order to achieve an even, long-lasting application. Here are a few tips to help you get gorgeous, glittering eyes:

Do not apply glitter shade directly on your eyelids with the doe foot applicator. Instead, transfer the product from the wand onto a palette or your hand, then place onto your eyelids with a brush or your fingertip. This will help keep your ShadowSense wand clean and will reduce the drag and amount of pressure you are using to apply the color, ensuring that any ShadowSense color you have on underneath will remain in place and undisturbed. 

Do not blend or rub to apply – pat on the glitter color instead. Since glitter shades contain large particles, forcefully blending them onto your eyelid creates friction caused by rubbing the glitters, which may lift your ShadowSense color underneath. Use a brush or your fingertip to lightly pat on the glitter color. 

For best long-lasting results, start with a matte or shimmer ShadowSense color, then apply your glitter color on top.

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