This look was created with the following SeneGence products:

πŸ’‹ Dewy MakeSense foundation mixed with White Concealer & Pearlizer
πŸ’‹ Light & White Concealers mixed for under eye concealing & brightening
πŸ’‹ Natural concealer and Rosa ShadowSense mixed for color correction
πŸ’‹ Deep CCTM & Slate ShadowSense mixed for cheek & jawline contour
πŸ’‹ Deep CCTM for forehead bronzing
πŸ’‹ Terra Cotta BlushSense
πŸ’‹ Pearlizer for highlight
πŸ’‹ ShadowSenses: Candlelight as base, Amped Up Orange for transition & lid, Sandstone Pearl & Lava Shimmer mixed for under brows & inner lid corner, Fiery Coral Shimmer for transition & outer corners, Lava Shimmer middle of lid
πŸ’‹ Brown EyeSense Pencil
πŸ’‹ UnderSense Lash Primer & Black VolumeIntense Mascara
πŸ’‹ Sparkling Cider Gloss