Who should use SeneDerm with SenePlex Climate Control Moisturizer/SelPlex?

Those with sensitive and very dry skin types may experience the beauty of our anti-aging system by using Climate Control. Sensitive skin types and very dry skin types may use Climate Control Moisturizer before applying SeneDerm DayTime or Evening Moisturizer or SenePlex EyeCreme.
Sensitive skin tends to lack moisture at the cellular level. Lack of moisture causes dryness, which in turn, causes irritation, creating a “heating sensation” in sensitive skin. Additional humectants help to increase moisture content. As moisture spreads, so too does SenePlex. The herbal oil extracts soothe irritations of the skin as the moisturizer relieves the dryness. The “heat sensation” is eliminated. Thus…Climate Control!
Within eight weeks of usage, the cellular renewal cycle begins to increase in the skin, making proper moisture content and beautiful skin a reality. Climate Control is also perfect for those who experience dryness of skin as a result of changing climates from one season to the next. Exposing skin to varying climates and inconsistent diets while traveling may contribute to temporary dryness as well. Climate Control is perfect for the times you “listen to your skin” and hear your skin asking for a bit more moisture.