How to Apply LipSense

The LipSense application process is simple, but it is essential to know how to do it correctly in order to make the most of the long-lasting technology. Apply to clean, dry lips. For a more defined look, line lips with […]


The perfect blend of SeneDerm EyeCrème and MakeSense Foundation Pearlizer, EyeLuminator moisturizes and highlights with the eye area for beautiful, bright eyes. Kukui seed oil, vitamin A, almond oil, and SenePlex Complex provide soothing, moisturizing, and anti-aging skin benefits to […]

Body Wash

The SeneDerm with SenePlex Body Wash is a gentle but rich, cleansing foaming gel that moisturizes the entire body. While traditional soaps can dry and crack the skin, the Body Wash conditions and restores pH balance. The Science Behind the […]

Full Face SeneGence Look

This look was created with the following SeneGence products: 💋 Dewy MakeSense foundation mixed with White Concealer & Pearlizer💋 Light & White Concealers mixed for under eye concealing & brightening💋 Natural concealer and Rosa ShadowSense mixed for color correction💋 Deep […]

Abundance Parfums

On the surface, fragrance seems simple: a scented liquid that you spritz onto your skin with the simple, straight-forward goal of ‘smelling good’. Yet, scent conjures potent reactions and memories. Fragrance is invisible, yet all-powerful and may arouse a spectrum […]

HairBalance HairCare

Healthy hair care doesn’t have to be a balancing act! 💇‍♀️ Ideal for overly oily hair and scalp types, HairBalance HairCare helps to improve the texture and volume of hair while nourishing and balancing the scalp. Shiny, healthy-looking, and more […]