SeneGence Brush Cleaner

Weekly cleaning of your application brushes will protect your skin from contamination & preserve your artistry tools. The cleaner contains a mix of scientific & natural antiseptic ingredients to thoroughly clean your brushes. The Science Behind the Product: 45% of […]

Brush Cleaner

🌟TIP TUESDAY🌟 Cleaning your makeup brushes is very important. Why put old makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria back on your face?! SeneGence brush cleaner is specifically formulated to remove SeneGence products from your brushes and get them ready to use […]

Brush cleaning day!

  Makeup brush cleaning day! Do you regularly clean your makeup brushes? You should! Think of all the old makeup, dead skin cells and bacteria in those brushes! I use my Lilumia brush washer for larger brushes and the SeneGence Brush […]