Refrigerate your EyeCrème

🌟TIP TUESDAY🌟 Refrigerate your EyeCrème. The trick of placing a cold cucumber or cloth over puffy eyes to help reduce swelling and the appearance of dark and heavy eye bags is a tried and true beauty trick. Naturally, keeping your […]

Nangai Oil

🌟TIP TUESDAY🌟 Found on the tropical island nation of Vanuatu, Nangai oil is a highly effective, lightweight moisturizer that absorbs quickly to help soothe and restore skin to a healthier state. Learn why this ingredient is one of the most […]

Lip Care

Healthy, soft, and hydrated lips are not just beautiful – they also allow for better lip color application and wear. Here’s how you can improve the condition of your lips using SeneGence skin care and cosmetics. Regularly exfoliate lips with […]