Leo Sign Gloss

Inspired by the zodiac sign comes the perfect gloss to wear or gift anyone, especially all the radiantly charming Leos! Be a showstopper this season with this terra cotta-bronze tinted gloss with a shimmering gold finish.  Leo is the eighth […]

Limited Edition Aspire Gloss

We’ve partnered with the Make Sense Foundation and Royal SeneGence Distributor Audrey Salberg to create a Gloss that Gives! A donation will be made from the proceeds of this subtle, soft shade to Audrey’s charity of choice, Crossroads Safehouse – […]

Desert Sands LipSense Collection

Bring adventure to your look with the all new Desert Sands LipSense Collection! Featuring:⭐️ Our Returning Bestselling Sunstone LipSense – A medium rose pink with a glistening gold finish.⭐️ NEW Blaze LipSense – A fiery red with glowing rose gold […]

Gemini Sign Gloss

A message from the stars for a twinning Gemini season! Let your ideas flow where they want to go in this airy, softly shimmering peach nude. The warm tone designed with a Gemini constellation-themed label, evokes the unpredictable excitement and […]