Capricorn Gloss

Inspired by your zodiac sign comes the perfect gloss to wear or gift for all the hard-working Capricorns! Capricorn the Sign Element: Earth Symbol: GoatCapricorns are most known for leadership and a headstrong approach to everything they do. If your […]

Moisturizing Glosses

Moisturizing Glosses not only cover and protect naked lips but also improve the longevity (staying power) of LipSense Liquid Lip Color. It provides exceptional protection from the elements and helps repair dry, damaged, chapped and/or sensitive lips. Shea butter, a […]

Full Face SeneGence Look

All SeneGence products used: đź’‹ Natural & Light Concealers mixed for color correctingđź’‹ Dewy MakeSense foundation mixed with White Concealerđź’‹ Light & White Concealers mixed for under eye concealing & brighteningđź’‹ Deep CCTM & Slate ShadowSense mixed for cheek and jawline […]


For a more defined, finished look, line your lips using one of our beautiful shades of LinerSense. LinerSense is designed to blend and complement all of the LipSense Liquid Lip Color hues. Directions for Use:LinerSense should be applied prior to […]