Lip Balm!

Ensure lips are at their healthiest state with Moisturizing Lip Balm. This nourishing formula contains coconut oil to moisturize dry, cracked skin, cocoa and shea butters to soften lips, orchid flower extract for free-radical protection, and SenePlex Complex for anti-aging […]

Refrigerate your EyeCrème

🌟TIP TUESDAY🌟 Refrigerate your EyeCrème. The trick of placing a cold cucumber or cloth over puffy eyes to help reduce swelling and the appearance of dark and heavy eye bags is a tried and true beauty trick. Naturally, keeping your […]

Hydrating Facial Serum Mist

Refresh and replenish skin with our Hydrating Facial Serum Mist 💧 Spray after cleansing your face to lock in moisture for soft, hydrated skin that lasts all day long. Apply under or over SenseCosmetics to provide a quick moisture boost […]


🌟SOLUTIONS SATURDAY🌟 LipSmooth Conditioning Polish is a natural-based, non-abrasive polish that exfoliates and conditions lips to prepare them for perfect LipSense application. This unique polish helps restore lips to their naturally moisturized, conditioned, and supple state. Bamboo and ivory seed […]

ShadowSense Glitters!

Sparkle past midnight with two dazzling long-lasting créme to powder eyeshadows, Limited Edition ShadowSense Glitters. ✨ 🌟 Moca Java Glitter – a light cocoa brown with champagne shimmer and warm gold glitter 🌟 Sandstone Pearl Glitter – a champagne shade with gold, silver […]

Wonderland Collection!

💥NEW AND RETURNING PRODUCTS!!!!💥 Lavish Lips with whimsical holiday shades inspired by the magic and joy of the season! ❄️ New Candy-Cane – a vibrant, metallic pink-red ❄️ New Red Glitter Gloss – a lightly tinted ruby gloss with sparkling […]