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Monthly Archive: May 2018

Fooops! Color Removing Wipes

Do you have anti-aging benefits in your makeup remover wipes? If not, then you need the new Fooops! Color Removing Wipes!

A quick and convenient way to remove long-lasting SenseCosmetics while on the go, each pack contains 30 pre-moistened wipes that gently remove SenseCosmetics, dirt and oil, leaving skin clean and refreshed with a light lavender scent. Soothing botanicals and moisturizers combined with SenePlex+™ deliver hydration and anti-aging benefits to the skin. Fooops! Wipes are even effective at removing waterproof eye makeup, including LashSense Mascara, and are enriched with Vitamin B to condition lashes and brows.

Lip Balm!

Enjoy long-lasting nourishment and protection for dry, rough lips with this lightweight, fragrance free formula with a matte finish.

Provides anti-aging and restorative benefits to delicate lip tissue.
Blended with the finest moisturizers and lip conditioners to help alleviate chapping.
Perfect for all ages and can be used as often as needed.


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Climate Control – Best stuff EVER!!!

Climate Control is hydration in the purest form. Made of the smallest molecular weight, this moisturizing spritz delivers pure SenePlex Complex™, natural oils and beneficial ingredients for cellular repair to the skin at the deepest level. A unique delivery system separates the two key ingredients until shaken, combined and activated for use.