LipSmooth Conditioning Polish

LipSmooth™ Conditioning Polish helps lips that have been damaged by traditional lipsticks, dry conditions or dehydration feel renewed, re-moisturized, and conditioned. Formulated with natural exfoliators such as bamboo and ivory seed powder, it provides gentle, non-abrasive exfoliation. SenePlex+ Complex™ provides […]

Ooops! Remover

Ooops! Remover is especially designed to erase those “Ooops!” mistakes that can occur when applying LipSense Liquid Lip Color. As well, Ooops! Remover will remove the color from your lips at the end of the day. Ooops! Remover is formulated […]

Moisturizing Glosses

Moisturizing Glosses not only cover and protect naked lips but also improve the longevity (staying power) of LipSense Liquid Lip Color. It provides exceptional protection from the elements and helps repair dry, damaged, chapped and/or sensitive lips. Shea butter, a […]


For a more defined, finished look, line your lips using one of our beautiful shades of LinerSense. LinerSense is designed to blend and complement all of the LipSense Liquid Lip Color hues. Directions for Use:LinerSense should be applied prior to […]

How to Apply LipSense

The LipSense application process is simple, but it is essential to know how to do it correctly in order to make the most of the long-lasting technology. Apply to clean, dry lips. For a more defined look, line lips with […]

BrowSense Volumizing Brow Gel

Say hello to full and youthful-looking brows! BrowSense Volumizing Brow Gel is a long-wearing, non-flaking, clear gel that sets and defines brows without fuss. The formula features the powerful hair volumizing active ingredient, CapixylTM, to help you achieve full, luscious […]

BrowSense Long-lasting Brow Building Cream

Get full, healthy-looking brows perfectly fitted for you with BrowSense® Long-Lasting Brow Building Cream – it’s easily buildable, long-lasting, and conditions your brows! Go natural or bold with seven different waterproof shades.What to Expect:• Waterproof, fade-proof, smudge-proof brow color that […]